ALKHAT ALAKHADAR Plastic bags Industry (or known as Green Line Plastic) specializes in the production of plastic bags.


Our factory is situated in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. We are manufacturing the virgin material quality of polyethylene bags and producing both kind of polyethylene bags the high density polyethylene (HDPE) and Low density polyethylene bags (LDPE).


HDPE Bags (shopping bags, Take Away bags all kinds of HDPE bags).

We always value long-term relationships with clients and especially our staff members.

We manufacture eco-friendly bio degradable plastic bag with print and logo.


Here we would like to inform that we have introduced our new product with name of d2W, which means OXO- BIODEGRADABLE PLASTICS. The d2W is an additive and helps to degrade the plastic bags in water, sand and in air after a certain time required by the customer. It helps in keeping clean and green environment

Plastic bags factory Emirates
Plastic bags factory in UAE